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The Grandiloquent Ninjas

aka "Megan and Kirstian hate YOU!"

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We are stealthy and like to use big words.

Basically, this is where we jump on the mean, snarky elitist bandwagon. We operate on the principle that if you put something out on the internet- specifically, fanfiction and other stupid fandom things- you really do want it to be seen. Don't complain- didn't your mother ever tell you that "there's no such thing as bad press?" (Well, maybe she didn't. Unless your mother is Bela Lugosi.)

Yes, we are mean. Yes, we'll make fun of you. But we aren't trolls. We have better things to do than make fun of your real life. Better things including, you know, making fun of your fandom life. By the same token, comments remain open for everyone. If you don't like what we say, fight back instead of whining to your friends.

Fear us, for we pluralized a Japanese word using the rules of English. (Which is, by the way, technically perfectly correct to do, as it's a loanword recognized by the Oxford Dictonary of the English Language and thus subject to all the rules of style therein. If you can't tell, this place is run by elitist English majors. Our vocabulary is pastede on, yay!) So if you can't tell, feeble arguments about the positives of fangirl Japanese will get you nowhere.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Ninjas

-gamera: Cantakerous Gamer Bitch
Megan likes people who can spell. She also likes making fun of people for doing things she used to do. The difference is that she got better, and they haven't. So if you abuse Japanese or use the grammar of an early 90s game translation, watch your back.

-kirstian: Literary Thesaurus Whore
Kirstian likes people who don't think plots are their papa's potater fiel'. (This sounds much better if you say it aloud with a really bad accent, trust me.) If you've written three chapters and still not reached the main plot, you do not want to meet her in a dark alley.