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(dun dun dun) the Naruto Dub! [Oct. 3rd, 2005|08:15 pm]
The Grandiloquent Ninjas
kirstian and I keep talking about actually posting here again, but we never actually do it. I am breaking the cycle and posting again, because I have to show her Canadian self up in something.

And about what? The most recent hot-button topic in fandom (not really): the Naruto dub.

Before you read, though, this is not a scathing mockery. I like the dub so far.

Opinions on the primary voice actors.Collapse )

Opinions on the translation/localization/presentation!Collapse )

And the biggest thing: ZOMG CENSORSHIPCollapse )

I may take a whack at some Jump and game fandoms soon and the stupidity therein, since I'm downloading a bunch to read offline in my internetless home existence. Here's to not making a year between posts from now on!
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(no subject) [Oct. 7th, 2004|12:30 am]
The Grandiloquent Ninjas
Because it's been way too long since we touched this comm. XD

An open letter to Fullmetal Alchemist fandom.

Dear FMA fen,Collapse )

More when I see more dumb things recurring in fanfiction!
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Posting #1 [Aug. 14th, 2004|07:50 pm]
The Grandiloquent Ninjas

Well I'm taking the initiative and posting this. I've been *so* amused by this and showing this to Kirstian, who's convinced that I'm finding some of the worst fanfic summaries. Without further adue, I give you some samples:

Too capture ones love
How long had it been? She couldn't tell. How long sice the humans had been inslaved and taken from there homes? She was still geting used to seeing all the youkai with out jumping into the well, wich was gone thanks to the that no good cheating SOB Inuyasha. it took one day that's all it took for the whole of the worlds militarys to be wiped out one by one. NOw she was a freedom fighter looking for her brother and mother, nothing would stop her until they were safe in her new under ground home. maybe one thing, the one who captured her in the one who wishs to capture her heart.

some things were just meant to be
kagome leaves inuyasha because he hurt vher 1 too many times so she rubs away taking shippo and the jewel shards with her .
(For inability to use keyboard correctly or realising that the wrong words were being used)

Taisho University
It's Kagome's first year at Taisho University. Inuyasha has made a bet with his brother. If he can get her to sleep with him by Christmas, he can sleep with Kikyom if he looses, Inuyasha gets his car. Sesshoumaru ends up falling up with Kagome and wins the bet, but to protect his reputation, he denys it. After a while. Kagome finds out that she's three months pregnant and decides to keep it. When she is at Sesshoumaru's door and tells him that, he breaks down and cries. The question is: Will this story have a happy ending? Will earn rating in later chapters.
(Beyond spelling mistakes, I have to post this one up for maligning poor, poor Sesshoumaru's character.)

Laws of Love
Kagome is grown-up and is a famous lawyer. She gets assigned to a murder case that she thinks she is ready for. That is until she finds out who is being charged for murder. The person is being accused of killing Hojo, Kagome's husband (now she is a widow) and Kagome can't believe it. She wants to talk with the person to see if they are innocent or not. But when Kagome's dark secret from the past is discovered everyone is shocked. Read more to find out who is the defendent and what's Kagome's secret.
(For doing a story about law without having done any research, or even watching episodes of Law&Order. Conflict of interest would have this lawyer thrown out right away.)

Kenshin and the magic cookie
Kenshin goes to the bakery for Kaoru and buys a magic cookie. Shisho finds this as an opprotuity to destroy Kenshin...
(Words fail me...)

Barely Legal
Kagome lives w her friend, strait out of highschool, and she likes to party,she meets sess, and he thinks shes hot, what does kag think...R&R please, rating may change, lemons maybe put in later chaps
(The title more than anything else kills me.)

Kagomas love goes two ways with one will she choose
Kagomas in love with inuyasha and Sesshoumaru which one will she choose?
(Again, the brilliance of the title kills me.)

the new demon
(modern times) kagome songo and shippo are all bad ass demons who have a bad attitude miroku sesshoumaru and inuyasha are preps along with kikyo but what happens when the bad asses go to a prep school becaues there parents say so and theres 1 prob when she comes she and songo are wanted by all the guys inuxkik kagxsess sonx mir humor action romance 9ok theres no nuraku and this is a high school fic soi ya enjoy oh and i dont mind flames)
(Bad ass demons with bad attitudes?! God forbid! Beyond all the other stuff... this just makes me laugh XD)

Please accept my paltry offerings. I promise to find more next time :D

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